Founded in 2012 by Sun Choi, ZipBelt was created to satisfy a desire for a nicer ratchet style belt than those that existed on the market at that time. Our Belts are created from high quality Italian Leather, and are wider (1.25 inches) than most ratchet belts on the market.

After completing a successful crowdfunding campaign, and creating a website, Sun sold the business to Clark Barlow because he lacked the time, and energy to run ZipBelt. Since then, Clark has standardized the pricing of the ZipBelt, coordinated with retailers and created the current website.

Our Mission

To create the best ratchet style belt in the world.
Our mission at ZipBelt, is to create the best ratchet style (no holes!) belt around at an affordable price.  We know that there are thousands of belts out there, but we want to sell a solid product (genuine leather), with happy customers that can share their love of the ZipBelt by word of mouth.   We offer a lifetime guarantee on all belts sold! 

Over the next year, we will be looking for Rep Agencies, Dealers, and Distributors.  So, if your are one of these and are interested, please contact us for more information.

Our History

2012 Research & Development
2013 Crowdfunding

After finalizing the design for the belt, Sun and his team created a crowdfunding campaign, and successfully funded and delivered belts.

2014 Customer Growth

2015 ZipBelt is Purchased by Clark